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2018 Radial Fictions (05:00)
Acousmatic work/etude in Higher Order Ambisonic using spatial digital synthesizers developed by Oli Larkin. Commissioned by Oli Larkin, composed during a residency at the University of Huddersfield august 2018.

2017 Jo-Ha Kyu [for Levi] (17:00)
Acousmatic work. Multichannel (Higher Order Ambisonic) The piece is the result of a series of experiments, creations and musings around modulation and movement principles traditionally found in japanese art forms. As well as drawing inspiration from the various source materials itself; found objects, previous discarded material and various synthetic and acoustic material. The piece is dedicated to Levi.

Percussion material performed by: Ulrik Ibsen Thorsrud. Composed at the SPIRAL studio, University of Huddersfield, UK during a residency early 2017,
Studio Sirius, NOTAM, Norway and the composer private studio. Commissioned by Electric Audio Unit (EAU) with funding from the Norwegian Composers Fund. WP Oct. 5th Marmorsalen Oslo and at CCRMA Standford Oct. 5th.

2017 Hundre Aar fra Soer (05:00) | program notes
Acousmatic work. Multichannel (Higher Order Ambisonic). A part of EAUs Contribution to the 100 year Jubilee of the Norwegian Society of Composers. Skien, Commissioned by EAU, with support from the Arts Council Norway, Norwegian Society of Composers.

2016 Ombre Cinesi II (09:00) | program notes
Acousmatic work. Multichannel (Higher Order Ambisonic). World Premiere October 4th Oslo, Sentralen, GRM Paris, October 7th 2016. (Hybrid version) Commissioned by EAU, with support from the Norwegian Composers Fund.

2015 Ombre Cinesi I (11:00)  | program notes
For prepared guitar, live electronics and electroacoustic sound. Composed for Guitarist Are Kolbeinsen.
*  Wp 2017.

2015 Electronic Music for Small Acoustic Objects (15:00)
Live-electronic work/improvisation. Using Real-time analysis ,adaptive effect processing. In collaboration with Gyrid Nordal Kaldestad. WP under DaFx 2015, Rockheim, Trondheim.

2015 A Parallax View (35:00)
Open-form work in collaboration with Parallax trio:(Stian Omenås, Are Kolbeinen, og Ulrik Ibsen Thorsrud). Premiered 2015 Oslo Contemporary Music Festival Ultima. Commissioned by NOTAM.

2014 ..And the Ticks turn into Tocks and the Tocks turn into Ticks (12:00) | pn
Electro acoustic/Acousmatic work Multichannel (Higher Order Ambisonic )WP Lydgalleriet Bergen Dec. 2014. Performed at Riksscenen,Oslo 3 juli 2015 and CCRMA-Standford USA 2016. Commissioned by Electric Audio Unit ( Vinjar/Barett) with support from The Norwegian Composers Fund.

2013 Ierotelestia -A phantasmagorical vision of an acousmatic cult (21:30) | pn
Electro acoustic work/ Sound Installation for 23 loudspeakers (Hybrid Ambisonic ) 9-14 december 2013 at Kunstnerenes Hus. Shorter excerpt reworked in stereo and published on the Album “Beyond Boundaries” released 2014. Commissioned by NOTAM, with support from the Norwegian Art Council.

2013 Thick Wires (8:34) | program notes
Electro acoustic, stereo. Composed as a part of the EU project “Composing With Sounds”. WP Jan 24th .2013 at INA/GRM Auditorium st.Germain, Paris. Performances at Oslo konserthus lillesal and ZKM -Karlsruhe, Germany 2013.Commissioned by NOTAM with support from EU Art Funding.

2012 Groven RemiXed (10:00) | program notes
Live electronic work/improvisation for the Just Intonation organ at Eivind Grovens orgelhus. With Nymusikks composers group.

2012 REUNION 2012 -Sound producing actions through the game of Chess (∞)
Performance and Interactive sound installation. Composed in collaboration with Eskil M.Sæther. Premiered under Ultima Contemporary Music Festival 2012.Featured at Oslo Mini Maker faire 2013, Meta.Morf Biennalen Trondheim 2014, NIME2014 Goldsmiths College, London Ultima Barnas dag 2014, Kyma International Sound Symposium 2016, Leicester (with Ulf Holbrook). Realised in collaboration with NOTAM, Ultima and SkRR. Funding by Norwegian Arts Council.

2011 Feldman-stretched for 8 speakers (∞)
Sound installation: Commissioned by Luca Francesconi for EXIT at KHiO under Ultima Contemporary Music Festival 2011. The sound of Morton Feldmans piano “For Bonita Marcus” is stretched in 8 channels into n-number of variations, in indefinite duration.

2010 Light, Action- Sound! (3:14)
Live sound installation where n-number of apple computers are networked generating a synchronised expression which only the machines internal sound,lights and display are being used. WP at Blackbox theater

2009 HUFSA -Interactive installation/music pedagogical tool.
Made in collaboration with Jon Halvor Bjørnseth. Permanent installation at Norsk Musikkinstrument museum, Ringve.

2004/05 Nine Electroacoustic works for PD CONCEPTION
Nine electroacoustic works composed from nine piano og percussion improvisations by pd conception (Evensen/Clauder). Released on the album Pd Conception “Phrased Silence” WP Ibsenhuset,Skien 2004, Henie Onstad Art center 2005, excerpts performed at DeMontfort University, Leicester 2014

Other compositions works: 2004 – 2011 Music for dance performance “The Knots”, Music to Hasle Childrens Theater, Radio Jingles (Gyldendahl multimedia, Tidsskriftet -Den Norske Legeforeningen)